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It doesn't get any better!!  I fell in love the moment I saw this beautiful art deco fixture.  Those shades were a real find as well.

I’m obsessed with light fixtures!

One of the major things people tend to overlook that really transform a house are light fixtures!  Bedrooms in particular can look very boring in RMLS photos.  Who wants to look at a floor and 4 blank walls?  But add just the right light fixture, cialis sale advice and magic!  Most every one of these fixtures I chose for our project over on NE Flanders came from another Portland favorite of mine, viagra sale cialis Hippo Hardware.  Nothing better than spending time on the second floor of that store with my neck tilted back staring up at all the amazing light fixtures.  It never gets old.  Visit enough times and you will get to know all the wonderful people that also make Hippo Hardwaresuch a special Portland institution.  I hope you enjoy these light fixtures as much I did selecting them!\n\n

Work of art is complete and grouted.  I went with Sahara Tan for the grout, one of my go colors.

Tile work in progress at NE Flanders

\n\nWe’ve been very busy at Swingset putting the finishing touches on the most adorable 1920s bungalow in the eastern end of the Laurelhurst neighborhood. I definitely need to pull out all the before photos so you can see some of the horrific things done to this poor house that we have lovingly put back together.  But this quick post is about all my fun with tile work. One of my favorite things to do is spend part of a day digging through the seconds area in the Pratt and Larson showroom. It really forces me to put my creative cap on and sometimes the tile designs I come up with using seconds and remainders are superior to those when I can choose from any color, style and amount that I need. So here are a few photos showing the tile work in progress and the finished project. A quick shoutout to Tucker at the Pratt and Larson store who is always so incredibly helpful. And I can’t forget to mention our amazing tile setter, Rob Melquist of Ceramic Stone Solutions. Working with seconds can be tricky and Rob always manages to work wonders with my designs.

sold in September 2013

Welcome to the new SwingSet blog where you can see all of our projects, past and present!

We are very excited to finally start sharing the details of some of our favorite projects:  before and after photos, thumb shop information on the renovations in progress and some of our favorite remodeling and design tips.  Here at SwingSet we specialize in renovating Portland’s amazing older neighborhoods with a true eye to the original architectural integrity of the home.  As a sample for you on our first blog post, ask seek here are some before and afters of a renovation we completed in the Alberta Arts neighborhood in 2010.  Click through for larger photos or scroll over for our comments. We look forward to sharing many more of these projects with you!\n\n